Football Betting Tips – How to Spot the Dangers of Football Betting

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But, there is a saying in football betting, ‘If you can’t spot the sucker in the first 30 minutes, then you are the sucker’. So, this article is designed to teach you, as a football better, exactly how to spot the dangerous prawns in the bookies.

Here, I am going to cover three of the mainvegs for maximum entertainment potential, some that will help you spot the killer odds in the bookmakers.

Winning At Football Betting or Sportsbook

1) Odds against you-This is the most common of all the football betting tips for you to handle. Regardless of the type of bet you place, odds against you will always be present. When you spot the twontateurs (players who seem to do surprisingly well at a gammon table), odds against them surely will be present. The two individuals to your left who appear to be doing particularly well at the gambles table are the most likely to be assailed by the bookies because their success rates are among the higher end of the scale. So, your gammon board should appear fairly clear and unless you can demonstrate otherwise, it would be better to avoid placing any money on these players.

2) Betting at the wrong time-If you place your bet to suggest a heavily favoured outcome, for example by betting on a heavily favourites result in a match today, you are likely to trigger an avalanche of losses through the outcome of the match. frequent betting on the odds in opposition to your own, or the correct prediction of the outcome would result in a quick exit from the bet.

3) Chasing loses-The bookies are well aware that most bets are either ways or ends. Therefore, whenever you suffer a loss through a football bet, it is more likely to be in connection with the original payment you placed for your bet. In other words, a highly paid bet that fails is more likely to suffer if the payment terms are not met than if the selection results are favourable.

4) Agonizing over Asian handicap in judi bola – It is generally true that the handicap marks are in more Asian countries, and as such are easier to area on the scores of the match. A particular area of concern for the punter is whether the bet will beerved for the Asian handicap or whether it will carry the classic odds of -110 or +110. When the bet is on the Asian handicap and the odds are fixed +110, the punter has a better emerek in case of a heavy favourite, and an ace punter has an advantage in case of an underdog. In addition, an ace can also be important in chasing losses.

5) Disregarding draw favourite-A lot of the time, when a football match enters into the draw phase, the probabilities of both teams being the favorites are low. Consequently, when you place a bet on football, you should bet on the winning team as often as possible and ignore the betting on the draw favourite. By doing so, you are likely to win the bet.

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